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I love the orignal idea

Nice idea, and animation!

Flying Zombies.

Flying zombies are as fun as hell to shoot, especially with these physics. :P

You guys that say this is stolin IS WRONG

This is made in FLASH, it is a CLONE all he STOLE was the IDEA.
He completely made this himself.

Alot of fun

Music was great and it fitted in and the gameplay was simple and awesome.

Did you steal this?

I seen it before somewhere...

That was awesome..

5/5, I played it, injoyed it and completed it! It wasn't too easy or it wasn't too hard, and thats what makes a game quality!

(could have had sound though [I know you said you will add it in 1.5 :D])

Fun fun fun fun!

It's plain, simple and nice..

It's got nice plain colours and it's fun to play and very nice music for the game ( in other words you selected the right music! ).

I gave you a 5 ^_^

itsjms responds:

Lol , looked 2 hours for the music :P

Haha. What was that?!

That was so funny, yet so pathitic.. I submitted better things than this and they havn't got though!!


I can tell you are quite new-ish to flash, But the thing about this "tutorial" that it isn't really a tutorial (that's why I gave you style 1), it is more of an opinion thing. If you watch loads of flash movies you will notice that everyone has there own style. So you can't really judge graphics for any flash. You said ,"Both these eyes is ok but I like these better." which kind of struck me. Anyway, I doubt this tutorial will make it through, it didn't help me (because i'm not new at drawing or flash) but i'm sure it help others.

1. Dont give up
2.This is constructive critism, take my advise.
3.Hope you do well in the future
4.I'm not going to be a "dumbass" like the last guy. Don't listen to him.

Good luck

pm me if you would like some help ^_^ (over msn)

Thank you for this!

You helped me get started with HTML I hope this dosn't get blammed, I gave you a 5 because it was REALLY helpfull because I didn't know the bare bones, I also experimented a bit after the tutorial was done and I made an image scroll across the screen and put an image in the middle of the screen too! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

==CONS== :S

I'm sorry but there was some bad things about it. :(

1.There was no music
2.There wasn't good grammer, I noticed it said u instead of you at a part (thats what runescape does to you! :P)
3.It was a bit untidy, on the last page I got a bit confused.

Anyway, I hope you improve AND finish your tutorial because it was awesome!

Scottishslayer responds:

I'm glad it helped :), I forgot to change the grammar, my frienn told me a while back I never got round to it, and I haven't played runescape in a year :P I play world of warcraft

sup ;D

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